Txema Sanz, primer lápiz de Katuki Saguyaki

Hi to everybody, I am Txema Sanz and although I have been the first pencil of the brand Kukuxumusu for over 11 years, I am a stranger. The few who know me well, know my pathological shyness and therefore I’m very comfortable in the shadow of the yeti Mikel Urmeneta, founder of the brand. He … Continue reading

Jim Hollander nominated Guiri of the year 2016 by Katuki Saguyaki

The prestigious photographer Jim Hollander (New York 1949), chief delegate at the news agency EPA in Israel, has been chosen by Katuki Saguyaki as the Guiri of the Year 2016 for his great involvement with San Fermin, for his promotion of the festival through his photographs around the world and his long lasting friendship with Mikel … Continue reading

News remix (1)

A great deal has transpired since January 28, 2016, when we officially presented our new brand in the cafeteria NIZA of Iruñea/Pamplona. As is logical in the case of a “premature birth” like Katuka Saguyaki, we had to spend some time in the incubator until we were sufficiently formed to be able to publish our … Continue reading